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why doesnt my computer want to shutdown??



it happened last week i wen to | Turn off computer | Turn off , and then it start shutting down. blue screen saving setting , blah blah, then when the screen turns black for a second a blue screen flickers right after it then it starts to boot back up like normal.

when i turn it off manually with the button , the next time i turn on the computer it does the scan disk thing.

i think someone placed something on here where i cant turn it off. is there anyway to see if i know something has been placed in here to corrupt something (shutdown mode) to work properly.

thanx :confused:

Shamus MacNoob

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Go here>>

Windows XP shutdown issues mostly center around a very few issues, especially device driver version and other legacy hardware and software compatibility issues.

Roxio’s release of patches for Easy CD 5 has wiped out more than half of all XP shutdown issues. In turn, this uncovered and highlighted the next greatest problem: specific hardware incompatibilities. These are detailed below where known. The driver and software issues are expected to resolve substantially as hardware and software manufacturers release updated versions.


There is an article here that should help above is just an extract...:cool:

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