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Why does the safe mode option screen appear during boot?


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Hi i am newbie about window and stuff. so plz help
In my annother computer i dont knwo what happen but whne i boot it and it give me screen with
safe mode
safe mode networking
safe mode with command

start window normally

so i choose start window normally and the window xp screen appear and the little thing is moving and after that it reboot again. I try to do with safe mode but it reboot again. So anyhelp? I want to re-formated but i dont have a cd.
Select Safe Mode then select Yes, if XP boots to the startup screen you have a harware conflict! Go to controll pannel, system and hardware, select devices and remove all with ? or ! next to them. then re-boot XP.

Hope this helps.

If you cant boot into safe mode then the quickest install is to start again by re-installing XP from scratch.
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