Why does it take so long.......??



After xp home ed boots up and goes to the desktop it takes a minute or two before i do anything like hit the start button internet connection, my computer, anything. please help
How many programs how you run on start-up. The more programs will auto-start the slower your computer will be. And try a virus scan.


what is bootvis??? the start up problem has been going on since i did a clean install


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It may be possible that your pc is running a BOOTVIRUS that starts with windows and remains activ until computer shuts down . Run an antivirus program with recent definitions and try to uncheck some start-up utilities - servicies - programs from msconfig or with Regclean .


yeah its probly the amount of programs that you start up cause it takeslike 2 mins for mins to start up cause i got like 5 programs that start up in the begining
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I believe I have the same problem and I found out was the Norton Antivirus, it takes forever to start (after you boot) and dont let me do it anything...
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