why do we loose some of our cookies/with workaround

Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
well I can't explain it but sometimes and only sometimes, when the browser crashes I loose some of my cookies and only some of my cookies

why would that be?...why wouldn't you loose all or none of your cookies?

where the hell is matt when I need him, I want my cookies back

pisses me off cause I don't remember my friggin passwords or anything

anyway, if you have the same problem just export your cookies to a folder marked "cookies" (cute?) and when you loose your cookies just re import.
might be it only wipes the cookies that are in use by the browser at the time
might be it only wipes the cookies that are in use by the browser at the time
maybe, or maybe those that are not in use at the time?

good call though, one of those two would make some kind of sense

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