Why can't I install ATI 4.10


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Well I have tried it four times now, to no effect. System keeps rebooting, until the "Last Known Good Config" screen comes up. Then I go back to my original setup. Is it an unstable WindowsXPHome that I don't see? It is slight O/C'ing?

Oh well, back to ATI 3.6



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try 3.10 or 3.7 if you have not done so already... both of these are pretty stable configs :)

btw not sure why it keeps rebooting...

turn off reboot on error thinger in your control panel > system and try again...
The 4.1 install hosed me so bad I had to re-install a hard disk image. It was my fault. I did not uninstall old catalyst or turn off the background applications.

After the image backup I tried again and disabled all of my background programs but did not do an uninstall of old drivers. It worked fine.

The 4.1 shows no speed or stability improvement over 3.10 but the colors seem to be more "vibrant" in games.

Worth the upgrade.
Just for reference - when you upgrade your drivers for ATi, you are supposed to uninstall the old ones first. It has been known to cause problems if you dont.

edit: Not with the installation of new drivers, but with games.


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just go in to control panel .. uninstall drivers and reboot come back install new and good to go no problems at all :)

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