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who wants to make me a FLASH sig???

could someone make me a flash sig? it would be really cool. one time i tried but it was *** and wouldn't work.

i would like it to have front cover with my nickname and then have tabs, for example, one would be 'about me' then 'computer specs' then 'my site' and 'my recent posts'

if you are interested PM me or just reply in this thread. thanks!!
(i'll give more details when ur interested|\)

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yeah, the flash language can be used to bypass some of the security measures of the forums, anyone sensible has them turned off, unless they are maybe a flash developer forum


YIp .. In order to have flash work you have the hack installed, some people who do allow them on their boards have it set up where they offer the hosting of them from their hosted site. also cause the board to slow down ...

A good prog to use for some one who is Flash illiterate though is Swish ... It works pretty well.
i asked epunk about this so i know my facts. he's gonna make flash usable here (he's friends an expert). and he said it was ok for me to post this.

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I can add flash signatures, but I would have to do it manually.
I will have to create some new guidelines before accepting any.
Would be pretty interesting to see what people can come up with...but the size would definitely need to be limited to prevent page-loading delays.


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I dont think flash is a good idea, they would all have to be 'screened' before hand to make sure there is nothing underhand going on, and flash isn't exactly the most low-bandwidth-friendly way of displaying stuff.


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well there is a program called swift optimizer that compresses .swf files well, also if someone is on dialup normal sigs might slow them down too, thats why they have the option to turn off the sigs, or they can just wait, just my two cents


or maybe we could not use flash sigs since there really is no reason for them ...even you cant make one so why should we deny 56k ppl because you want one.

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