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Who wants to be a millionaire?



An army major, his wife and a college lecturer have escaped jail after being found guilty of cheating to win the top prize in the TV quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Anyone called Tecwen Whittock should be in jail!

Any self respecting geezer would have changed their name as soon as they were old enough AND given there frig-witted parents a smack in the mouth.

Its people like this which are dragging our society into the gutter!

Evil Marge

I Rule
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lol shotgun666uk :D

I think they should have been locked up.Surely it's a serious crime trying to steal a million pounds :confused:

The episodes gonna be show on "Tonight With Trevor Macdonald" later this month I'm gonna watch it to see exactly what happened :)


the name 'Tecwen Whittock' is the greatest crime commited it that whole charade, its a crime against humanity! the guy should have been locked up for life and had the soles of his feet whipped!!


i heard on tv today (cant remeber where) that the program will be on on Monday!


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Isn't WWTBAM entirely funded by charging the public a fortune to phone in and answer questions to get on the show?

Is it true that they ask you your interests before the show in order to tailor questions to you - questions that you can't answer?

My oponion is that yes it's cheating but no it isn't a crime.

My reasoning: It's a quiz show and it's a fix - like all gambling. If they were trying to beat the system and they got caught then fine disqualify them.

It's not like the public is losing out.

The only people losing out are the programme producers who are making vast amounts of money from the people who phone in and from the companies who pay shed loads of cash to brainswash us during the breaks. But even then they are not losing are they? All this publlicity can only be good for them.

If you got caught cheating at the pub quiz for may be £100 would you go to court? No. The crime is still the same and the money probably means more to the folk you are putting it up.

The whole trial was crap just like the programme.


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