Who owns NTFS?


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I think all $ goes into the site w/ hosting and the such ... EP is admin and I think Waddy pays for bw and such (from what I have gathered here). :)


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Waddy is king and EP his prince and md and jewelzz able lieutenants... and the rest of us are just peons... I think...
i was not here for about 8 months but from waht i knew before was that the adds were paying for some of the bills of making this site happen, but after setting my friend up on a site and remote hosting and all i am woundering who else is paying for this, and i am not sure if they are makin money off this? but it is always goof for a resume to say that u owne NTFS.org


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waddy owns NTFS.org and whatever the adverts don't cover, comes out of his pocket.

BTW Sazar, MdSalih and I are generals :p


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it costs Waddy a LOT to run the server as it is dedicated (go look at prices for yourself). the ads help pay towards it :cool: we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his good will + generosity :D


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he's doing a very big wireless project on a small island off england ;) you'll see him post news, but rarely on forums :(
dreamliner77 said:
So does this mysterious waddy really exist? :D
This is the last time I am going to explain this.

waddy = Electronic Punk = Steve Irwin

They are all personalities of the same person. A sick, twisted individual who beats us unmercifully.

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, the adverts cover the hosting.
The US exchange rate is pretty poor atm, but fortunatly the server is also in the US, so the first part of this sentence is completely irrelevent.

Having NTFS on the resume definatly helps as have all the skills I have learnt keeping things together/running and updated,.


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Geez, I hope Waddy exists. I've swapped messages with him. If he doesn''t exist...

It must be time to adjust my med's again.


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Jewelzz said:
waddy owns NTFS.org and whatever the adverts don't cover, comes out of his pocket.

BTW Sazar, MdSalih and I are generals :p
thats what you think :cool:
Electronic Punk said:
nah, he is definatly australian, or as the americans call em, english.
uh we call australians australians? wtf are you talking about?....

anyway- waddys da bomb, i've chatted with him @ the ntfs chatroom and he also helped me out one time with something. hes COOL!
Before our database problems, I pm'd Waddy about why he hasn't been around recently. He now works on hs own IT company now and he's devoting his web life to that more than NTFS.

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