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Who keeps attacking my system??

After finally getting rid of that nasty "dos64" virus (thanks Enyo!) I've noticed that my Norton IS has stopped 3 attacks to my system in the last 2 days, the latest from, who ever that is.

Is there a way of finding out where these attacks are coming from as the numerical web address listed above really does not
tell me anything.

It a comcast end user.

You can e-mail abuse@comcast.net

This does not however mean its a attack, it is most likely just a compromised hosts, say a worm scanning from that system.

On what port are alerts raised on?
Which is p508EAB21.dip.t-dialin.net scanning port 1120

Port scans do not represent a "attack" on your system.

It is often just caused by worms attempting to propergate. If your firewall is blocking these events you have no need what so ever to be worried.

Only if the scans are consistent, maintained and to service ports should you be more concerned.

At the end of the day however the only thing you scan do is e-mail the abuse department of the network the scans originate on. And more often than not, they wont do anything!

Bottom line. Ignore it and be happy.

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