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Who is she (Only the eyes can tell you)

As the old How the Honey Is? Thread has been closed due to forum violations, I thought I would startup its little brother.

Here only the eyes can be shown, yes thats right you have to guess the celeb from their eyes.

I know that some of you wanted a challenge.
If the person hasnt been guessed after a few hours post the face.

Anyone feeling challenged yet....

Heres the first one

your up then

Also the 24hour rule applies if someone guesses and it has not been confirmed then it is up for grabs. Usually one of the mods nabs it.


I find those eyes scarey and offensive I might have to run and hide in the corner. Does this violate forum rules? I smoke and does that violate forum rules? I have voices in my head and does that violate forum rules?
I am sure some ppl wont see it as a sarcastice joke and I am sure to be flogged and banned.
Did I offend anyone...

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