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Who is a great stand up Comedian.


Blame me for the RAZR's
Ok i am a stand up comedy fan. I love to listen to it on my ipod while im doing work. And i have run out of ideas of new comics. So ANyone have and suggestions. I have alot so im SURE lots of the things i allready have will be said. But just say as many as you can think of. :)


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I like Larry the cable guy but he isnt the greatest. Ummmmm...i cant really think of a great Stand up comedian.


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Mitch Hedberg is AWESOME
Martin Lawrence is good as a standup comic
Chris Rock is hilarious
The Blue collar comedy tour is funny. It has several standups
**Robin Williams**
**George Carlin**
These previous 2 are my absolute favorites.
Also worth mentioning:
Eddie Murphy
Dennis Leary
Bill Hicks
Doug Stanhope


I'm sorry Hal...
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Kr0m said:
**Robin Williams**
**George Carlin**
These previous 2 are my absolute favorites.
Also worth mentioning:
Eddie Murphy
Dennis Leary
Bill Hicks
Doug Stanhope
Bill Hicks is "worth mentioning"? He's a God, you should have to bow just to say his name!
prodj, dave chapelle? :lick: does he even do actual standup? the Dave Chapelle show kinda sucks to begin with.

Back on topic: yeah, The Blue Collar Comedy Tour is awesome. has Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, and Bill Engvall (think that's how is name is spelled.... or somewhat like that). Dennis Leary is great, as well as Robin Williams. Too bad ya can't find standup from most of the people you see on Comedy Central, like Dana Carvey and stuff.

edit: yeah, Luna, Dane Cook is cool too. love his Speak 'n Spell gig


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Richard Pryor
Howie Mandel
the venerable Bill Cosby, totally understandable once you have kids
An original Lenny Bruce

riffing off of Prodj88 D.L. Hughley


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Dave Chappelle (his first stand up show titled Killing me Softly is way better than his second)
Eddie Murphy
Carlos Mencia
Ron White
Lewis Black
Tom Pappas
Richard Pryor
If you know the South African slang/lingo and a bit of Afrikaans, then Barry Hilton is the man! He's an absolute genius, but hard to understand if you're not local. :)

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