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White Flame Telecaster

I've eyed this White Telecaster guitar with flames shaved into the headstock and body. I was going to purchase it, but I forgot about it because I got lost in school and work. Now, with school over, and me quitting my job, I got onto the Musician's Friend website, and browsed around for it. Not there, I searched more and more sites, and it's nowhere to be found. My final idea was to turn to those in the know. I've been on forums before, and I know that much can be learned from other people online. So, I turn to you, do any of you know information on this guitar? Where I can purchase it, specs, etc?

To be a little bit more specific, the guitar is white, it has an F-Hole, and it has wood colored flames. It seems to be a limited production guitar, not positive, though. Thanks in advance!

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