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White and Nerdy

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I can relate to the AV club part.

The javascript and klingon, kirk and picard were just hilarious.



This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner RIAA because its content was used without permission
Hmm, pre-release? So you got permission from Weird Al to post that then?

Buddy of mine just got a Friendly reminder from Charter about a DCMA violation for downloading a TV show episode he missed...


Political User
Now that Google video link doesnt work. Man... this stuff is really starting to piss me the $*&@ off..... The riaa (they dont deserve caps) can go pound sand up their ass. Its a video... its free promotion... JFC.


Political User
What do you think, I just stumbled upon this at Neowin.

Aprox: the Google video still works for me, and I cleared my cache to be certain.
It wasn't working via the link from here, but I went directly to Google videos and did a search for it and found one that worked.

Thought it was pretty funny, however I don't think I found the real "video" it was just the banana from the legendary peanut butter jelly time flash.

sorry about my rant too :)

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