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Whining sound with tv card


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I just rebuilt my system and decided to put in my ati tv card.

There is a very annoying whining sound that i cannot figure out how to get rid of.
Connected to my Hercules fortissmo III via the line in jack.
Mic is muted and everything else that i can think of is too.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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I have heard of this before - not on this forum though, think it was an ATI one or somewhere in connection with my Winfast card....

Anyway, solution should be to do with shielding I think and where your cables run or, just possibly, card placement. So check all your cables are neat and tidy and away from power line - visually inspect card to check shielding is in place and OK, if that all fails try moving to "furthest away" PCI slot and see if that helps.


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open control panel, then the sounds/audio properties sheet. choose the audio tab, then click the "volume" button on the microphone. this will open up the mic properties sheet, click advanced + then click/unclick the mic boost boxes ;)

used to happen on my main pc, only was to stop it was to tick/untick the boxes :D


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Thanks i tried that last night and was able to shut it off. I think it is actually some sort of conflict with my hercules (sound card) software. When i unclick line in box the sound is echoed (as if there are 2 of them) so after playing around (clicking unclicking i got it to stop)


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