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which would you rather have?



it wasnt a stupid question i already own a gf4 ti4400 in my system but my friends budget only allows him to go for the above cards and anyway the clock speed on the two cards is near enough the same.

windows xp home
amd athlon xp 2000+
768mb pc2100 ddr ram (soon to be 512mb corsair pc2700)
ausus a7v333 motherboard
leadtek gf4 ti4400 128mb ddr
80gb 7200rpm maxtor
60gb 7200rpm maxtor
pioneer slot 16x dvd
sony DVD+RW/+R & CD-RW Drive
19" lg flatron 915ft plus
Logitech Dual Optical mouse
creative sound blaster audigy soundcard
creative inspire 5300 five point surrounds
belkin 4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router
realtek 10/100 family fast ethernet nic
cable modem 1mbps


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I concur... not a stupid question... there is nothing wrong in asking this... the ti500 is an excellent question...

the g4 cards... other than the ti series are basically reworked mx cards from previous gens of the nvidia lineup with higher clocks and the same crummy package... so its not bad to ask about the g4 cards.. but can't go wrong with the g4 ti...

if you get agp 8x version you will get a higher clock of the bat...

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