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which woould you recomend?


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The question will become : wich scan engine is more powerfull [ norton antivirus or mcafee antivirus - same definitions ] . I say that Norton better ..


i'm running (still) InoculateIT advanced client for NT (it runs for XP also.there is a tiny ~200KB TSR update for it) and the realtime scan-engine is really lean ( ~300-400KB VXD) and fast (a huge zipped CD ISO takes ab. ~3 seconds on an 800 AMD CPU seconds) scans even through all the messengers out there for incomming or outgoing files..regardless if LAN/WAN or dial-up/DSL...the updates are for the XP/win2k version only ab. 2+megs

that thing has protected me for any crap thats floating out there, even if they're 'encapsuled' files like KAZAA (i know i know kazaa arent REALLY encapsuled files) or any other binaries...and it scans even files u just mark/highlight with u'r mouse or copy/move them around from folder to folder....

but best thing is..(what McAfee can not, not sure ab. norton) its autodownload-manager/update-system is independet, i remember that there was an incident ab. 1-2 years ago with McAfee where a faulty push-update locked every system up with 100% CPU usage right from the bootup!

just my 2ยข ;)



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go for norton...

I used mcaffee and went back to norton... its better... and tech support is kewl too...


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