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Which Wireless AP?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Hey guys,

I would like to ditch the wifi routers I use as access points and buy a dedicated AP. I however cant decide between two models:


Linksys WAP54G:

The DLINK runs for 126.99 and the Linksys is $88.99 but I want the better one not the cheaper one. The Linksys routers I have right now suck, they keep crashin or have other issues, which is why I'm thinking of DLINK instead. I also want to only have 1 central AP and not 2 wifi routers.

You won't like the answer...

The linksys has dual antennas so it can be adjusted for better coverage.

From what I have seen the Linksys tend to have better range than D-link but that may have changed.

The Dlink WPA2 security feature won't do you any good because it is only on new stuff and could cause problems with other brands and older brands since it is new and not field tested yet. (They make standards for a reason.)

But most improtantly the Linksys is only $40 more than a G router would cost whereas the Dlink is $80 ore than a G router should cost. Why do you want to spend money to replace perfectly functional hardware? A router with DHCP turned off is an AP.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
The Linksys routers I have right now suck, they keep crashin or have other issues, which is why I'm thinking of DLINK instead.
That's why. I know a router with DHCP turned off is essentially an AP but my wifi seems to be iffy and I would like to get rid of the routers and just use switches.

Also it looks like the DLINK has a higher transmit power (slightly). I was also thinking of getting a high gain antenna if range is an issue.
Oops didn't realise the existing setup was the twitchy Linksys.

Remember that high gain antennas are more directional than the regular ones so location will be an issue for the AP. Especially if you have a multi floor or even split level house.

BTW I tried some "high gain" antennas. Looking at the strength meter in the wifi program you see little difference (3-8 dB gain doesn't mean much when you're at -54 to -60 dB.) though it is sometimes enough to push you from iff'y to reliable. The commercial antenna gave less improvement in dB than it was supposed to and about the same as a junky windsurfer i made out of aluminum duct tape, though with less directional restrictions than the windsurfer.

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