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Which VM tool?

Dark Atheist

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OK - have not used a VM for sometime, which i the best to use, best meaning stable and offers good support, i know Microsoft do one and of course VMware, but there are a few different ones from VMware.

I am doing some testing for a web based script (beta tester and semi support bod :)), and have decided to install a few linux distributions to help with testing, could do it on a multi-boot system but f**k that!!!! ;)
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First question is,

What system do you want to run the VM on? Then you can pick your program, and then version. (Yes I saw Linux, but was not sure if that is what would be installed on the VM or what the VM would be installed on)


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if you're going to be installing linux as a guest, I'd go against the windows versions and look at either Xen or VMWare
I swear by VMWare Workstation. It keeps getting better and better. Years ago, before MS bought Virtual PC, I liked Connectix's version of it because at least then I thought it was speedier than VMWare Workstation. Every once and a while I try MS Virtual PC again just to see if it beats VMW's speed and features yet, and so far it still doesn't.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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my preference would be for VMWare Workstation.. but Xen is a viable alternative as well.

If you already have a copy of VMWare Workstation (in particular v7 that is supposed on WIndows 7) I would say go with it.

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