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Which to get: A64 or New P4 with PCI Express etc???


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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering what would be better, an athlon 64 3400 or one of those new P4's on a i915 chipset with PCI Express etc??

I currently think that their both good but can only choose one :( ;) so if anyone can give me a good reason to go for one and not the other to help me choose that'd be great



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hehe yes it is a hard decision im not picky bout wether i have an amd or an intel as i like both as i like the athlon 64s due to their 64 bit things they can do n coz they seem real fast but at the same time apparently ive heard that socket 754 is kinda dying anyway in favour of 939 but then i like the new intels coz of the pci express but then i heard aswell that they may be releasin sum new chipsets anyway at the end of this year possibly... correct me if i am wrong... i wouldnt mind the a64 if i could get 939 but no one around me has it... but i can get 754 or one of those pci express based intel boards....sorry bout my writing...getting tired ere :p


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well I was in your situation and wasn't sure what to do with my money...I went the way of the 754 cause even though they say they are going to die out it will be awhile cause there is plenty of room for the 754s to drop in price and it will take a while so they will be around so I can upgrade to the 3400 or 3700 in the future...

I am going to wait on PCI Express just because it's so new and it will take some time before both Intel and AMD adopt it. Also the performance is better but not used yet as well...
939 pin A64... that's the way to go. All the Intel stuff is way too new and who knows if Intel has all their issues ironed out. The A64 gets great reviews and is well developed.


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well id like to get the 939 pin athlon 64 but no wholesaler that my business (partnership thing) is registered with has the 939 but have 754 and the new intel ones with pci express

soo unless anyone else pipes up i take it you guys/gals etc would recommend me to go with some form of athlon 64 then? even though pci express looks interestin :p
I would wait if I was you..I was inclined to upgrade my 2100+ with A7N8X Deluxe mobo but right now its kind of a transitional phase in the industry. I'm gonna wait till the 939's become more mainstreamed.


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yeh u got a point, but then at the same time hehe the IT industry is always in a phase, by the time every persons shop can stock 939 ther will probably b sumthin else bigger n better but yeh i spose ill have to wait
Dan thats true, this industry is in flux at all times, but now is a special case becuase of all the changing technologies out there like PCI -> PCI Express and 32 -> 64 bit.


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yeah, i'd wait as well...i wanna upgrade the Dell im using (Telepathic) but i wanna wait for the A64's to adopt PCI Express, that way I get the best of both worlds.
oh, and lets face it, what uses pci-e right now anyway thats worth buying and isnt too damn expensive? X800? lol, yeah right :p
i went to all my wholesalers sites and i swear they must want to make me sound like a fool coz now they have all the 939 stuff n i only checked them a few days ago woohoo :) but from what i have heard about PCI EXPRESS just recently i would rather buy a socket 939 athlon with agp 8x etc and then by the time that goes to a grinding halt then i would adopt pci express

i know i said i like pci express alot but last time i checked curiousity killed the cat hehe, that and its all new stuff nothing is optimised or guranteed to run properly so when i give it as long hard thought agp n normal pci is stable as and id rather wait a year or so b4 runnin out to go get pci express and at least by that time most of the bugs should be fixed n things might actually be optimised

also at the end of the day your hdd is one of the slowest components and i spose if you really wanna get a bit more performance you should get one of those WD 74gig Raptors just for your os stuff :>
A thought: PCI Express cards already exists (at least graphics cards), but 64 bit Windows is several years away, so you won't get much advantage from the 64 bits unless you run Linux or something.


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I would personally wait a year or so until all bugs are ironed out and chipsets finalized/stabilized etc.

That way, all components will be down in price, more PCI-Express type cards will be available, DDR2 will be more fine tuned as it's slower than normal DDR now, etc.
Ask yourself what you'll get for the upgrade money:

P4 with PCI express
- you have the joy of buying a new video card and sound card for pci-x.
- you get to pay more for your next cpu upgrade
- you get to wonder if they will ever make a 64 bit cpu in your socket type
- you get to worry how long the socket type will be supported

Athlon 64
- you get a cpu that is fast now and ready for windows 64 (if it ever releases).
- you can use all your old add in cards
- you get to worry how long the socket type will be supported...

Choose wisely. For myself, I'm waiting. I went from an XP 2 gig to 3 gig system and saw no significant improvement in gaming or office applications.
LeeJend, i don't quite agree with your plus's for P4 w/ PCI-X. for one, do they even have PCI-X sound cards out? fi so, are they PCI-X 16x, or PCI-X 1x? if they're 16x, then you might not get to have a nice video card since i haven't seen a mobo yet that has 2 16x. PLUS, the most i've seen on the 2 boards they had at the computer show, there were only 2, MAYBE 3 PCI slots. there's actually too much to think about at the moment.

I'd suggest just waiting. think it through more. Maybe wait till they come out with some PCI-X 1x expansion cards that you could get if you need them, THEN decide which to get.
I don't thing you're gonna see pci-x sound cards for a long, long time. No manufacturer even has plans to move to pci-x. There's no reason. Standard PCI is more than adequate.
thanks everyone for your opinions, i think i will go with a 939 athlon 64, when i come home from work ill post the specs im thinkin of getting as i know theres not too much 64bit stuf out and about but one of my friends has the 754 pin 3200 a64 n it seems to kick ass in 32bit apps games etc

so then wen that becomes boring or comes to a grinding halt then by that time most the bugs outta pci express should be fixed, drivers less buggy, optimised etc
hey everyone im thinkin of getting whatever socket 939 cpu, the speed i dont care about as their all bloody fast :p and the motherboard is an asus a8v deluxe... is that any good?

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