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which tft screen ?

with prices of tft screens down at the moment ,which would be best to buy ,a 17" or a 19" screen ,i don't play many games but i do enjoy watching a good dvd on here . :confused:
The size just depends on the price you're willing to pay. The 19" with the same specs as a 17" will obviously be 'better' if you can pay for it. :)

Some things to consider:
- Look for a display with a good response time: the best ones are currently at 12ms. The lower the response time, the less the 'ghosting' on the screen when there are rapid changes.
- Look for a decent contrast ratio and brightness
- Since you're planning to watch movies/DVDs on this thing, it might be a good idea to look for a widescreen (16:10) display instead of a regular on (4:3)
but the wide screens will cost a lot more :(.

I agree a good response time is vital, most gamming sites recomment 16ms. since he mentioned not playing games something a bit slower will be fine...........just get a 19 samsung, they are not that expensive or try from BenQ.
good luck mate......

also the BenQ i was telling you about is the FP767, retail for about $370, max res 1280x1024, 16.2million colours, 16ms response time.

aight c ya

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