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Which Service controls the XP visual theme?


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I recently noticed a lot of services running on my machine, and in an effort to save resources, disabled a lot of them. I did this all by doing research on each one to see which was necessary, so I didn't think I had done anything out of line, but when I restarted, my XP themes were reverted back to the win98 style, see screenshot.

Does anyone know which of the services provides this style? It's not practical to go through each of them and restart the computer each time...
See screenshot for list of services I've kept enabled, and which I disabled.

Also, strangely, I kept Task Scheduler enabled, but when I restarted it wasn't working, and in the Services tab it now says Stopped. How come? I never disabled it.

Any help is appreciated.



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I don't remember which one it is. I think it was "Themes Service".

You want to be careful when turning off services. Not knowing what you are doing will damage your machine and make it non bootable.


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It wasn't me who had the issue lol. I don't look for the op of this to post back. I did a google search and found him to be putting the same question on several tech forums.


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My mistake, didn't pay much attention to name of the op but either way you found the site to be useful which is the important part

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