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Which Router + firewall to get?

Hey! I'm thinking of going out and getting a cable router over the weekend, although, I don't quite know which one to take. I don't want wireless though, too much $$$. I had a DLInK router before, and it sucked, wouldn't fuction properly, etc, many weird problems. So basically, I want to go out and get a router, and some software firewall. Does anyone know any good suggestions for both?


I'm going to go against the grain here and suggest the SMC 7004ABR router. Here's a review of the router at Practically Networked. I have nothing against Linksys, I used to own a BEFSR-11 before buying the SMC, the Linksys tech support was great (they called ME back within a few minutes of leaving a message, and live in Canada!), I just liked the added feature of the print server on the SMC and the fact that it was "Practically Recommended" by the website above.

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