which Raid Config do i want


format c:
3 Dec 2002
i have my 80 gig hooked up and all is fine.. now i want to take my old 20gig and throw it on here to hold movies and music i own.

i guess i want to;

1) format to NTFS (which is currently what my 80gig is)
2) turn off / hook up hdd ~ on the same connector, or does it not matter?
3) turn on

from there im concerned what its going to do, or not do.
you don't want to set up a raid array. raid arrays are ment to be used with two or more identical drives. so just hook up the harddrive like any other (making sure it's set as master or slave) and turn it on and go into disk management in windows and partition and format it there. it can be on the same cable or a different one, it doesn't matter.

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