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Which PSU?


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Sorry if this has been asked before. But which PSU would you recommend for a machine that's currently running an AMD Athlon? I've been looking at the Thermaltake one's and this caught my attention. http://www.thermaltake.com/purepower/w006768/w006768.htm
Obviously, the Athlon is very old so it's very likely that my friend will upgrade his machine and will want a PSU which he can keep for his new machine.

Are there any others that very reliabe and are below £40-50 with good cable management?
What makes you think Thermaltake makes good power supplies? They are a HSF company that suddenly jumped into power supplies. Not enough history to call them good or bad yet. They're just another player.

Antec or Enermax have the top reputation. Unfortunately as of a few weeks ago Antec did not support the latest ATX standard with the bigger MB connector. Enermax is generally harder to find and higher priced.

That thermaltake did have a nice feature set but I would not push them as a relaible brand until there is another 2 years of experience with them.
Not sure about that yet...will decide when the time comes. :)
It'll be powering a A64 4000+ and a 256MB PCI-e GeForce 6800GT though.
I took a look. Antec has updated to the new connector on their truepower line.

The 430 @ $89-$25 rebate at newegg or 480 @ $99 look pretty robust. Dual 12V outputs with up to 36A.

120mm fan, low noise. Also has built in case fan connections w/temp-speed control for overall noise reduction at low heat.


Newegg has better pictures than their own sight, lol.

It is atx12v 2.01 compliant and has the detachable 4 pin add on to work with the new 24 pin MB connectors or the old 20 pin with 4 pin P4 add on connectors. Figures I just bought a new PSU a few months ago or I would have gottent one of these...

They also updated their Smart Power series to the ATX 12v 2.01 configuration. Boy am I pissed. Bought a few months too soon. The Smart Power 500 has a modular cable system to reduce clutter. :(

The smart power series is a little less robust than the true power and a little less expensive. I've always used the smart power series.
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I'd say Tagan is the best of the lot to date.I have a Tagan 480W powering my athlon64 3500+ (previously powering an athlon xp 2600+ barton through many a power spike and dip) it always supplies nice clean and stable power and is rated at 28A +12v iirc. Supports 24+8 or 20 +4 pin motherboards and has dedicated SATA power feeds.


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I love the Tagan on my P4, but it has quite a number of power connector cables that can clutter up your case if it's small, or when you have no use for them. The 12V output is mighty stable though, so if you have a lot of devices, it's a very nice choice. It's quiet too :)
vantec is good. but thermaltake even tho new at it they bought the designs from antec for there units. i hvae never had a problem and i have 2 of them running in my beast server.

i would stay away from enermax because there 3.3 voltage will not last. its buggy with the new cards that need a lot.

antec is a good company we deal with them a lot at work. not many failures.
but if its in the budgit i would go with a vantec ION power supply. they are the best i have seen yet.


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Antec is great. I'd definitely suggest them.

I had one of their PSUs explode on me after something I did, and as angry as I was, after everything was all said and done, it took itself out like it was supposed to. I even think that they are so confident that they will actually pay to replace any damaged hardware that their PSU takes out...but, as expected, none of my hardware was ruined at all. So I definitely think that's a plus to look into, and I bought a larger, 550W Antec PSU after that. :p

I've been running Thermaltakes in my 2 systems here for about... a year and a half.
They both are the Thermaltake Xaser Silent Purepower 480W.
My gaming rig has the AMD64 3200 overclocked, an X800Pro overclocked, 1GB ram, MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, Seagate 120GB SATA, And a Benq 1620 DVDRW drive, not to mention a Panaflo Medium 120mm CPU fan, and case fans.

My server is running the same PSU with:
Pentium 4 3.4ghz, 2GB of Ram, an Ati Radeon 9800 Pro All in Wonder, an NEC 8xDVDRW drive, 5 HDs 200gb, 250gb sata, 100gb, 100gb, and 120gb = 770GB. And case fans.

These PSU's are inexpensive at $58.99 and are actually quite nice for what you pay for. They could be a tad quieter though, but the fan controller helps keep them cooler.

The only reason I'm upgrading the PSU on my AMD machine to a PC Power and Cooling 510 Deluxe SLI is because I want to have something decent for future machines.

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