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Which power supply?

The Antec. Coolermaster looks like it has higher current ratings on the 12V but those are peak ratings, not continuous (continuity). The Antec can deliver more power continuously.

The coolermaster also does not spec their regulation or protective functions.

The "double forward" stuff is a bunch of hype. It's really called a half bridge converter and has been around since the 1970's.

All that said, the Antec Earthwatts product line is new and I hate new stuff. Their Neo line was pure crap and the Smartpower line was questionable. Their Truepower line is solid.


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Look into PC, Power and cooling PSUs

BEST in the industry... BAR NONE...

Pricey, but worth it... take a look around their website:


Mike A!

Land O Lakes, FL

EDIT: Also I would read this article:

As I see you are going for high efficiency power supplies, high efficiency DOES NOT always mean better for the environment...
You will easily see what I mean when you read the article...

If I were you, I would go with on of the Silencer PSUs they are passively cool, making them dead quiet, and they are work horses!

This one fits nicely based on the PSU requirements you gave: Silencer 470 ATX
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I like the smart power series, I have a few in machines, and have never had a problem, the 400watt Truepower PSU in our server here died monday morning and actually managed to throw sparks and cook. I almost **** myself.

But I got another 500 Smartpower on the way for Friday, used a spare 430 ThermalTake that we had.

It ran quiet 24-7 for over 3 years with no issues.


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My Tagan PSU rocks! Not sure about the others, but Antec definitely used to be good. Not used PC Power & Cooling, sorry!


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PC Power and cooling suggestion here too.

The product is stable and will, essentially, cause your other components to last longer due to less voltage fluctuations and cleaner power delivery :cool:

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