Which ports to close?

Can any one please help me. I'm running Zonealarm pro and want to add some extra security by closing down any un-needed ports. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a list of ports (udp, tcp, etc) I can safely shut down.

Thanks for any help


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Umm, for extra security that's backwards. You want to close all ports then open just the ones you specifically need. Like for voice chat, or if you have an FTP, ones for a specific game, etc.


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sy64004 said:
Thanks LeeJend. Do you know of a list of such ports??
Really depends which applications you use. If I recall, Zone Alarm prompts you when a program tries to access the internet. If you really do want that program to have access, just say so. Zone Alarm will open the needed ports, and close them afterwards.


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Well why dont you start by taking a look at what ports are actually open.

'Active Ports' and 'TCPView' are nice tools that will give you an idea of what application is holding what port open.

Tackle the windows services you don't use with some help from the 'Black Viper' Services guide and get information on ports you don't know about at:



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Yes, its called a firewall :)

No, there is no application that can shutdown the ports from listening at all. It's something you have to do manually by identifying the process using the port and terminating it.

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