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Ok, that took some looking. ATI doesn't list the boards on their comparison site.

Definitely the X700 LE (normally I avoid anything with an LE or SE in it but in this case the board wasn't neutered that much). It has twice the fill rate of the X600 and better shaders. It's almost as fast as the X700 PRO. But significantly slower than the 6600 GT. You might want to compare prices on the 6600 GT before committing.

FOr the raw specs on the 600/700:

For general FPS comparison on all PCI boards:

For reference the x700 LE will be ~25% faster than a 9800 PRO. The 6600GT twice as fast as the 9800 PRO.

Tiger CA has some 6600 GT's for about $20 more than the cards you are looking at BUT. PNY hasn't been very reliable for my gaming buddies. And the XFX I have no personal experience with. After those three th prices jump to the upper $200's.


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Not quite accurate. The 6600 is likely faster than the r300 series cards in most games and especially in d3. The x700 series is typically same speed or slower as the r300 series, the LE version is a little slower.
LE = Limited Edition = Even more crippled that the standard low end chips. a 9800pro would likely be faster than the x700LE indeed ATI recently remoddled the 9800pro ciliocon and put it out above the x700 series from what I'm picking up on.


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ok i own an x300 x700 and an x600 pro along with 2x6600 GT. i can say that if you want to spend the cash fo with the 6600gt it does everythign you need it to at least at 85fps (no need for more anyways)

x300 = CRAP simple pcx card that cant do much at all its cheap. the main reason it exists is because its cheap.

x600 pro = its ok, it hangs at some games like HL2. and UT. anouther thing with that is that its HOT. very very hot. so if you are a freak about heat in the computer like me its not a good idea.

x700 = the x700 is ok but it needs some improvement on all the GL games. but for racing games it was great.

6600GT = if possable i would go with this card. it does everything i want it to as long as you have the right CPU. but i have never had any problems with this card. never leggs on my games always for a wierd reason about 84-88 fps nomatter on the res or not. i would go with the 6600gt. EVGA or MSI or ASUS are good makes. you will pay more for asus but gain no increase in performance. msi and evga are over all good.


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Re: PCI HELP... decisions decisions

Gonaads, I believe he was talking to eagle710, because they started 2 identical threads asking the same question.


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Is everything at Tigerdirect in Canadian dollars? If thats so, then I never knew that, and that would explain why they always seem more expensive.


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Re: PCI HELP... decisions decisions

vivid_vibe said:
Gonaads, I believe he was talking to eagle710, because they started 2 identical threads asking the same question.

I just realized that.

Man do I feel DUMB. :nervous:

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