Which P2P is the best?

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What do you think is the best P2P file sharing network AT THE MOMENT?


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12 Jan 2002
none of the above.

Gork & morpheus are still pissing at each other, WinMX is trying to get bugs out of the new beta, Napster is..... well...has...seen better times, so on and so forth.
eDonkey is very good at getting files (if you use the donkeyBOT with it) but is currently having problems with poor download speeds (forget it if you are on dialup).

If they get the speed problems fixed (nobody is quite sure why all of a sudden the speeds have fallen) AND if you take the time to learn how to use it properly (cause it is quirkey) the donkey is a must have for getting certain files.

I think the way to go, for right now is to use 2 or 3 different p2p pgms, depending on your needs. Do not rely on only 1.

You can check out a synopsis of each p2p and Download at
www.unitethecows.com :D


morpheus was good, but since kazaa booted them off the network, the new morpheus is junk, Kazaa is this biggest pile of sh!t ive ever seen, I wont even download it, its filled with so much spyware and other junk its hillarious, the user opinions on download.com for kazza is the best stuff ive read in awhile :), now im using winMX, not the greatest, but also has no spyware or ads and gets the job done.


Bootsey - you're off topic. But check out lavasoftUSA.com for all the info you need on spyware.

As for the P2P debate, I tried blubster (blubster.com) this week and was incredibly impressed by the ease and speed.


Define spyware

SPY: One who keeps secret watch on a person or thing to obtain information.

WARE: Pertaining to or being something that accomplishes a task, esp. pertaining to computer programs or components.

sorry if i seem rude. just tryin to help. It is basically a piece of software, usually bundled with other software, that is loaded or installed without the user's consent or knowledge, displaying ads or gathering personal information to be used exterior to the local machine.


I use Direct Connect , its great!!! You can search other peoples files by connecting to them. i even started my own hub. i think there is no spyware on there too. driect connect has 3 times more data than kazaa and morpheus. they are sharing about 1491.07 TB of data right now.I never had a problem With the program.

You can get Direct Connect at : www.Neo-Modus.com
My Hub is Called: The Drunks


Personally I use WinMX for all my music, and eDonkey2000 along with Direct Connect, for all my other stuff...

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