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which one?

which one is better for moderate gaming and overal better pic quality for everyday things.

albatron gf4 ti4280v

- or -

sapphire ati radeon 9500 ddr 8x agp 128 mb

also what is the difference between the ti4280v and ti4280pv?
thanks in advanced.


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Originally posted by mike09
also what are the current prices of these cards in dollars?
they should both of them be around or under 160 dollars... 150-160 for the 9500pro... the 4200 should be around 100-110..., a little mroe for a nice bundle.. :)

but the 9500pro is a lot more powerful AND it is a dx9 card...

haven't looked up the difference between the v and pv versions... it is a 4200 basically with 8x agp :)

perhaps something to do with vivo features ?


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Originally posted by black-syth
9500 pro definitely... its a LOT more powerful. Refer to what Sazar said for more info...
lol.. well I went to pricewatch for the info ...

the prices I listed are OEM prices..

retail prices are more but not much more.. all depends where you get it from... :)


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looking @ the albatron website... I see absolutely no difference between the V and the PV version m8...

albatron PV

Albatron V

perhaps it is not so much the card as the package ? I can't find more information on the website... essentially they are the same card..

perhaps when the photo's come out for the products it will be easier to see if there are any pcb diferences...

-edit- vivo == video in/video out features... both the card have em :)

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