Which motherboard and video card should i upgrade to?



Hello everyone!! Iam new here n just signed up today. Im really lookin forward to this site. Nywayz, iam thinkin of upgrading my mobo and video card. I currently have an i810 motherboard which doesn't have an AGP slot. It does have onboard 3d video and sound though.

I have a Pentium 3 700Mhz 128 mb ram pc. However, i want to upgrade my motherboard to one which has more slots(it must have an AGP SLOT!!). Also, iam confused as to which card to buy. Im interested in the Ge force 2mx400 as thats the only one that i want( it should have dvd acceleration with tv output n stuff). The prob is that there are 2 versions of the card available...theres one which is pci compatible n another one which is agp compatible.

Since i have an inter i810 mobo...i think i can install the pci card on it...but iam confused about the performance differences between pci and agp cards.....ive heard that agp cards are better than pci cards....but what if theres 2 choices ......like a pci and an agp card from The geforce 2mx400 series...which one would be better then? For more info on these cards goto this site...

I want to know i i should upgrade my mobo or buy the pci card n let it be

If i have to upgrade my mobo then..pls tell tell me which one to go for...iam thinkin bout somethin like an i815e mobo....but the prob with the i815e mobo is that it only supports computers up to 1ghz or somethin...what would i do in the future ...say if i wanted to upgrade my processor to speeds over 1ghz or somethin...iam basicly lookin for a mobo that would suffice the processor speeds from 700mhz to 1.6ghz ....it should also have on board sound on it...

PLS recommend me the right mobo n video card to buy...



Try going to this site it really helped me pick out a new mobo.. Think of what you want to spend and check out the mobo's features, also if you are doing a upgrade make sure you can upgrade the processor later. Just to let you know I have used an Abit and an Asus board and both were great!http://www.motherboards.org/

Also check prices at Pricewatch.com


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As far as motherboards.. i am very partial to asus and abit. I just dont like cheap boads that have shtuff built-on them. As far as the AGP, i dont think there is a board made now with out atleast 4x agp.

Since you want more slots, abits ussually come with about 6 pci slots and an agp, over asus which ussually come with 5 pci's.

As far as video, cant help you there, I am not a gamer, so my old 8mb VC works for me.

Also overclocking can be good and bad. I look at it like this: "would ya redline your car?" It can lessen the life of the CPU over some time and you never know when its gonna go. (once again, this is just my philosophy). But if do decide to or just want to look into it, there is a nice website: http://www.overclockers.com

Also the site that Led2112 posted http://www.motherboards.org/ is a good one as is http://www.pricewatch.com for shopping

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