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Hello peeps,I have just purchased a new mobo MSI 865NPE NEO-2.I had the option of another board which is the ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe.My m8 said I should've went for the ASUS mobo instead.What I would like to know if anyone can help is did I choose the right board for future upgrading cpu etc.
I dont really know much about mobo's and I dont really know what Im looking for, any help would be much appreciated.



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Couldn't find the specs for that exact model Battle - I looked at 865PE Neo-2 on the MSI site.

Your m8 has a point... but both boards are similar. I would have gone with the ASUS as well.

It's supporting the 875 chipset, while the MSI is 865PE
Seems like you can pretty much put the same parts in both though... so you are probably alright with your selection.


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Thx for the reply Mastershakes the exact spec of the mobo is MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R, I've been trying find the difference between the between the 865 and 875 chipsets aswell and there dosnt seem to be that much (if any)difference but I think I'll go back to the shop tomorrow and see if I can swap it for the ASUS.



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Yeah, ASUS rox. Only problem I've had with them is I had to disable onboard sound and onboard LAN ---- I just put in PCI cards to satisfy those needs. I'm using an older board - P4S533
The MSI is a tad better than the asus but you cant go wrong with either of them.

865 = underclocked 875 that can be unlocked using certain bioses.


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I think that unlocking trick got "locked out" by Intel the last time they redid the masks on the 865 chipset.

Intel was very PO'd at the MB makers for figuring it out so some MB manufacturers stopped building it in. ASUS and gigabyte supported the chipset crack. Not sure about MSI, it's been over a year I think.

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