Which media player?

yea zoom player is a great one. So is media player classic.
winamp looks cool, but tends to be a little buggy. you'd think by 5.02 they would have worked it out by now :rolleyes:
Its ok, but after a long uptime it gets a bit angry with me for not treating it nicely; it tends to lock up and kill all sound on my boxen. Its not the best for videos either in my humble opinion. :p
I use Foobar for my music and wmp/bsplayer for my videos
Also take a look at VLC for videos. Plays just about any popular format

i used vlc for my mac, never even new they had it for windows.
dom02 said:
i used vlc for my mac, never even new they had it for windows.

They have it for pretty much every modern platform you can think of
I use Windows Media Player Classic, it plays everything, including Real and Quicktime files
i just tried vlc for windows. So far i like media player classic better.

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