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Which mainboard to choose?? :)


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Hi guys ..

I am looking for a mainboard for my LGA775 P4 processor together with my PCI-x graphic card and normal DDR RAM.

The problem is there are so many versions of 915 and 925 mainboards that I don't really no whats the difference??

I am interested in MSI's mainboards but looks like even 915 there are Intel® 915P Express, Intel® 915G Express,Intel® 915GV Express,Intel® 915GV Express and Intel® 915GL Express.

I mean .. whats all the difference?? :(
The differences are - Add on options (video, firewire, etc) and whether or not the chipset has been castrated (had important parts cut off or cut back) at the factory.

The difference is price. Assuming you are looking at all the boards from the same manufacturer and store, "The cheaper the board the fewer the features and less performance".

You have to figure out what you want and how much you can afford then select accordingly. Or list what your "must haves (firewire, onboard video, SATA, top performance)" are and budget are and someone can recommend a board.

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