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9 Jun 2002
sooooooooooo i'm considering a laptop, mainly 2 brands ;) Toshiba and Fugitsu

the toshiba:
Intel® Pentium® 4 3.06GHz Processor
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
40GB Hard Disk Drive
15" TFT Display

or (my favorite)

fujitsu-siemens.com Amilo D

P4 3.2
512Mb ram
80Gb HD
128Mb graphics
15.4" display
802.11b wireless
£~1300 on dabs.co.uk ( site having maintenence @ mo :( )

i have to sat the Amilo D is sweeeet, but i havn't seen/played with any figitsu's so i dont know how well they last etc.
i know the toshiba looks dead sexy in blue, and have also had a play on it, but the graphics card (lack off) lets it down as well as the fact it has no wifi card.

so which laptop do you all think is the best, this is only an idea @ mo so i dont know if i will get 1 ;)
found the fugitsu on ebuyer, quick find code 59195 . same machine, but have a 3.06 compared to a 3.2 ;)

also i forgot the fugitsu has hyperthreading ;)
Fujitsu Amilo D. ;)

I accidently voted for Toshiba.
I sell Fijitsu they are good makes but harder to get fixed here in Canada. Not as many repair depots. Toshiba is still my choice for plabtops as for system life. Fijitsu breaks its harder to get repaired.

I see your in EU so is a little easier to get fixed but still out of all the l;abtops I sold Toshiba is still the best all around.

Also Toshiba does have Hyperthreading, Well the ones in North America.
Look for one with WiFi in addition to ethernet LAN (cable). Firewire port... DVD writer.
jeeze...get the emachine 64...can't find a better buy on the most current technology available to the public

then when you get it, tri boot;

first partition with the native xp, second partition with the trial 64 xp, third partition with the linux 64

it's a 60 gig hd drive don't you know

available at best buy...check it out
64-bit is pointless. He's looking at a machine with 80gb already. He's in the UK.
ming said:
Look for one with WiFi in addition to ethernet LAN (cable). Firewire port... DVD writer.

the amilo D has all that i belive, so does the toshiba - the wifi :D
A friend of mine just got a Dell Inspiron 5150 (I think it is ?) for little over £1000, exactly the same spec as the Toshiba.
yeah i also thought about a custom built 5150, not sure though.............
ok so i just had a lil look + nocied they added the 9100 too there range, so i had a lil play with customizing it. ends up about £~300 more for the same spec as the amilo D, also it's heavyer :(
I chose other just because I already have a very capable desktop ... and in a laptop I'd be looking for portability and battery life over power, and I think Dell or IBM offer better solutions. Personally, WiFi is important since I'm almost always somewhere with a WAP. I'd also prefer a Centrino platform over Mobile Athlon XP.
i'm looking for a high end desktop replacement ;) i know that the dell will last for years...............also i may be able to buy via school + save on VAT :p
Well, if you do decide to go with a Dell (Inspiron) system, I'll tell you they are solid systems from personal experience. If you fire up AIDA32, you can pretty much see that every last component in there is made by a reputed manufacturer, so you don't have to worry about it in that sense.

Prices are usually very competitive too. I believe all of them come with built-in Wi-Fi as an option as well. The TrueMobile 1300 is a 802.11g/b internal card.
I voted other. I have a Dell Latitude D800. Works great for games and has built in wireless, It also has 10/100/1000 nic card, with 512ddr. I couldn't beat that price for under 2 grand!
Although I did see that eMachine today. I must say that is nice! I might have to think on that one!
Evil Marge said:
How can you people spend that much money ?
I couldn't do it :eek: :p
Yeaaaah you could. :D
I'm going to be buying a (£1.3k) notebook soon, spending money is great :p
Spending money like that is great. I always have to save, so when I get enough to buy one. I going to by the best one for my money!
Yeah but give it a couple of months and there out of date.Then your all wanting a new one :rolleyes: :cool:

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