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28 Dec 2001
I have to buy a laptop (for work) by tomorrow and need instant advice!!

I have a budget of about £800 and need something reasonably light, good display and that can play games like UT2k3 / Stalker etc.. with reasonable ease. Other than that M$ Office should be bundled. Anyhow any recommendations as i really have no idea about laptops these days.

Vista = no!
Which is more important to you, a larger display (about 17 inches) or the very best graphics card for games, for that price (I used http://www.dollars2pounds.com/ to convert £800 to $1566)?

Also, what's the priority of it being light compared to still being able to play games decently?

Also, not wanting Vista pre-installed is really going to limit who manufactures the laptop as I don't think there are that many that offer downgraded Windows.
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Not sure about the laptop but I love your avatar! That's my favourite scenes of the movie :)

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