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which is the best DVD software?


I may actually be insane.
I dont often watch DVD's on my computer, but when I do, PowerDVD does the job wonderfully :)
I've never really bothered to try anything else, as using the hardware player in the lounge is much easier (and has a bigger screen/tv :) )


Old School XPeriencer
I used PowerDvD with win98, but it seems like when I upgraded to XP it wouldnt work.

Intervideo came with my vidcard, so I voted for that. No probs, as of yet.


anyone of u try nvidia NVDVD b4?
hmm... looks like the interface is very coooool...!!
so far it is works fine.....
but still using windvd tho...
WinDVD Platinum with Remote Control baby, lyin in bed watchin a movie (without havin the cordless keyboard restin on your lap, beauty. I love it. (am in uni with no TV so cant go speedsters route)
I like PowerDVD the best, but sometimes WMP works fine. Once you install any DVD decoder, you can use WMP to watch DVDs (providing you have a DVD player of course :)). You can also download a DVD codec seperately so you don't need any other software besides WMP if all you want is a simple interface.
Originally posted by sboulema
most of the time i watch dvd with my stand alone. but i use powerdvd to watch them on my comp.
Me too most of the time, but DVD looks so much better on a monitor because of the hi-res. My pockets aren't deep enough for a hi-def TV yet. :(
sboulema nice sig, whats the avatar supposed to say I cant read it.

My PC is almost a TV in its own right, I am gonna get it a TV card soon, then the conversion will be complete
PowerDVD all the way, I've been using it for a few years. No problems yet. It seems, if you're fine with the program you have been using, you won't change to another, even if it is proclaimed as better.


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I use NvDVD it has good a/v play back and it plays .vob files which means u don't technically have to have a DVD rom in the pc with NvDVD on it, u just have to have enough room to hold the .vob files on your hard drive.

its good if u like to watch one particular movie alot ie; shrek :p and u also like to play a game alot that takes a cd to start and u don't like to swap and I only have room for one drive and I rather it be a CD burner then a DVD rom


whats a good hardware for decoding dvd video? watch dvd on my computer is kinda blurry, i want the better quality out of dvd

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