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Which is the Best Browser Out there?


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I know i might have just probably started a browser war just by asking this question. But i would like to know which is the Best browser. I am a current IE user i have been using it for quiet some time........ a think a bit longer than i should have but anyway.... I have gotten tired of all the browser Hijacks and out worms and scripts that infect IE.

So i want to know if i should go with Firefox, Opera or just stick with IE and quit complaining.I don't mind paying for Opera.

I am looking for a browser that is compatible with a majority of websites out there and also has enough plugins to keep websites functionable. I want to know which one is better against browser hijacks scripts..... and all bad stuff. You guys feedback would be greatly appreciate also please try not to kill each other over my question. :p


I always use IE, only the others to check web pages created.

Love it or lauve it, others will say different. It's what you find best.
You no need to pay for Opera, just set ads to your liking.


Are we there yet?
I float between a couple.

Maxthon (MYIE2)
Slim Browser
Avant Browser

My browser of choice is Maxthon. I like the single window with new pages opening in the tabs rather than haveing 10 or so browser windows open.


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I would have to say firefox, IE still has some speed issues, but I do like IE's download window.

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I only use IE and occasionally Firefox.
Have been tempted to give Maxathon a good look, but whenever I think about using it I am not in a position to ;)


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Mozilla, firefox, and IE. It probably pays to stick with one and I really should get myself to do that.

The question is like asking "what's the best car?" We all know there is a faster one, the fastes on a flat open road will not be quickest in the mountains, and neither of those would get the family to the seaside! So the answer probably depends what you want to do - one problem is that a lot of sites may be written and tested with IE more than other browsers.

Personally I would take a quick look around then switch to one and see how you get along with it.... if you find holes move to another etc. Mozilla is reckoned to be the most comparable - plus it has POP3 email client and IRC built right into it. Personally I think other browsers often have "killer" features which, once you get to find them, you never want to rever to IE. For me the one in Mozilla is where you can highlight on a any page and then right click to open a search page for that text in a new window, combine that with tabbed browsing in my primary wndow and I do not think I will be looking back in a hurry (although I am stil firced to use IE for some corporate websites where the frames seem to not comply and work in Mozilla).
Opera myself, 7.XX is the best on the planet - you can tell that by the number of extensions firefox has to mimic opera, the number of alternative UI's to the IE engine that try and copy opera.

So why use a knock of when you can use the original that does what everything else does - properly.

If the only reason you have against it is that you have to pay, just use the text ad supported version and its free.
The best browser is what you feel most comfortable using.
Firefox has been my browser of choice ever since the Phoenix days. 1.0PR was just released today with a bundle of new features and useability enhancements. Try it out and see if you like it.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hey Guys thanks for your feed back...I am using Opera and i have found it to be pretty good. I only wish that i can remove IE and just use Opera alone. But i doubt that can happen lol. Opera i found to be very fast at loading websites and also is compatibile with most websites. :) . Thanks again


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