Which is faster/better, Athlon XP or Pentium4?



I'm wanting to see what people think about the new processors that are out, the Athlon XP and Pentium4

Which one is faster/better? Can the faster/better processor be detemined by the number of Ghz speed it runs at?


Perris Calderon

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I wouldn't splash any money around till hammer arrives...as far as wich is better;;

PUHLEEZE DO A SEARCH on this topic...don't want to start this again


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this question has been asked and answered many many times before :)

you can find detailed info just by searching the forums mate... will get ALL the information you need...

if you need more info just log into the chatroom and I am sure there will be some info people will share with you :)


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If you've got the money Pentiums are just a better chip
Athlon XP's are really quick & well worth the money BUT seriously consider how your going to cool your Athlon & box

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