Which is better??



Personally i would not go near an IBM drive, I have had nothing but problems with my IBM's... sent back 4 drives so far

My maxtors are great i recommend them......


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I've never personally owned one, but I have heard IBMs have very crappy quality control, and they have a huge RMA rate.

I am running Dual 40GB Maxtors in RAID in a server at work, running for 140 days without a hitch.

I use Western Digitals in my home machine. They work great too.

IBM GXP Problems: The Truth Exposed and Possible Fixes
Published: 12/02/2002
Author: Cameron Wilmot

For months now users of IBM manufactured hard disk drives based on the Deskstar 60GXP and 75GXP models have been experiencing substantial frequent fail rates and data loss – Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot recently fell victim himself and suggsts what the problem may be, and possible solutions!

more----> http://www.tweaktown.com/document.php?dType=article&dId=180



Thank you!! I was thinking highly about IBM, then saw the new Maxtors. Currently I have Western Digitals, and well this will be the second time replacing them within a year. Thank you for saving me a headache of going through crappy hard drives.


maxtor.all the way

its a well known fact that maxtor are the best, and most reliable.
thats all i have ever used i have never had 1 problem,unless you count the time i tried to shove one in a cramped floppy bay. that was my bad......lol:D


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My IBM just crapped out on me the other day. Actually it "developed" a bad cluster, but now I don't trust it. With my luck the next bad cluster will appear on the most important piece of data on my drive. :mad:

This kinda sucks too because back when I bought it I did research to find the best preformance/reliability drive on the market (that wasn't SCSI).

Well, I just got a Maxtor 80G so I'll see how that works for me.

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