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Which is better: GF7300GT (DDR3) or 79xx series?


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heh... i knew that...
my intentions were to see if anyone would give me a surprise reply coz i was looking for a bargain card and came across an article saying that the 7300GT with DDR3 (in SLi mode) is actually better than 76/79xx cards. lol


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You might consider waiting for the 7950 GT that comes out in mid september. Its rumoured to be slated for 299.99 and be better than the 7900 GT and slighly less than that 7900 GTX.

It sports 24 pipelines and full HCP support, not to mention I am sure other optimizations and revisions to the PCB and Core.


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8800 is out in november, at last, i've been waiting almost a yeah postponing again and again my new pc build.

any idea how much?


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or you can go in the middle ground and get a 7600GT. I run oblivion really well and get good framerates. I paid 144, but 114 after rebates. There are some really good deals right now.


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I bought the 7600GT a few weeks ago partly coz i needed better spec than what the 7300 offered but also coz it doesn't hurt my pocket TOO much.

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