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Which Headphones

Hey i just found my recipt for my broken audio .90s and i am not sure what should i buy. I want some set that can handle good bass and has good sound quality. For doom3 and such. I already have a mic. I have about $55 us dollars. I found these three....

1. sennheiser hd500 | $55
2. sennheiser pc150's | $50
3. Dsp 500s cs edition | $55

If there is any other headphone you guys like for around the price please give me a link. Right now i am leaning for the hd500s
Id say the hd500's are nice if you are looking for a nice set of circum-aural headphones, but for all around use (computer/hifi quality/mp3 and cd players - making portability a factor) anything from the PX series is excellent (I did research just like you are doing about 4 months ago, or something like that - went with PX-200s :D One of the best purchases I've ever made) Can't go wrong with Sennheiser. :)


- geek -
I got the sennheiser hd497's for Xmas and love 'em :D I'm no expert on headphones though .. had to ask a buddy who is and read some reviews on ones that he suggested. :)

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