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Which Graphics Card



I need to buy a new video card, money is an option between 100-250 i am looking for a geforce4 MX or TI.....

what a good brand and rate eg. 4200 4400 4600 or 420 440 460

help me decide thanks:confused:
Well personally I wouldn't recommend a Geforce 4mx for a desktop machine. It's reasonably priced but is really only a general purpose card and simply cannot be compared to any of the ti range.
The 4600 is out of your price range coming in at approximately $400-$500 American.

You would then be choosing between the Ti4200 and the Ti4400. The 4400 is more expensive and is a much higher quality card.
I would recommend choosing between the 4200 and the 4400 depending on your budget. The 4200 I'm guessing is $200-$250 American and the 4400 Is $250-$340.
(The 4600s don't start till about $400)

Feel free to correct me since I only deal in Australian dollars....



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If you're a bit short of cash it may be worth considering a GeForce 3 Ti 500 or even the O/C'd Ti 200 running at 500 from Gainward. It beats the pants of a GF4 MX.


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iceman's right. i actually saw a 4400 for $220. also, a 64mb ti 4200 can be had for about $170 to your door. don't really consider a geforce3 ti500 cuz it's near the same price and not near as fast or has the new technology. $170 too much? get a geforce3 ti200 for around $100.

both are excellent deals.

general rule: stay away from "MX".
Do I see a reoccuring pattern?

A few months ago, just after the Geforce 3 had come out, I was considering an upgrade. But it was only a matter of weeks that the Ti series of Geforce 3's came out and just as the prices became affordable- it would be better to wait for the Geforce 4's.
It's been what, a few months since the Geforce 4's are out, the prices are dropping to an affordable level and Nvidia have announced a new line of chips.
Would it not be a better strategy to announce new cards just before they come out, not just after the previous series have been released?

However are we meant to have the "best" card if they bring out a new $1000 card 2-4 times as great every few months ???

It's beyond me.


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