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Which format?


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I'm wondering which video format is best if one wants to encode some videos.
My friend has got me to convert .rmvb files to vcd (.mpg) format. However, I've noticed that the .rmvb files were like 70mb and once converted to .mpg they were like 250+mb big.

Can anyone suggest the most suitable file format that gives good compression, while retaining excellent picture quality?

I'm about to experiment on .rmvb and .mp4 formats (for myself) to see what the qualities are like. Haven't had a chance to check these formats out until now.


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Not into anything in particular. Just curious after noticing the big difference between mpg and rmvb formats. So want to know which format is the best for compression and retaining quality.
MPEG 2 (DVD/VCD/SVCD) compresses less so you end up with a larger file size.

If you are encoding to watch on tv then you must use MPEG-2 unless you are certaon the playback device supports MPEG-4 (DivX/XviD)


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DIVX and AVI are the best qualities, WMV is pretty good also. You are seeing more and more dvd players supporting them. Philips makes a couple of dvd players that support them. They start at about 70.00 ..
AVI gives the best quality/size. MPG2 is markedly larger.

Warning. Do not re-code files that have been compressed once. Every time you encode/decocde/recode you loose image data.

The VCD format produces pretty bad images compared to AVI, DIVX, or VOB. (VOB is the format that is used to burn direct to DVD.

I would use DIVX if they are going on DVD PLAYBACK.

I would not use VCD firmat, it sucks.

Any file format you burn can be played on a PC using VLC player (freeware).
VOB = MPEG2 Just so you all know.

Also on Sunday I re-encoded an XviD encoded DVD Rip back to DVD and while there is most certaily degradation, MFG and I were watching a DVD Quality film :p However that took my Athlon64 3500+ 9 hours at maximum possible quality settings for 16:9

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