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which encoding type for PGSQL?

Dark Atheist

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i have found that using UTF8 causes a few of the webscripts to crap out with byte encoding errors, yet if i use the default option of LATIN when the db is created all is fine, yet i notice that the default db made by pgsql uses SQL_ASCII, which would people suggest to use, obviously UTF8 isnt and option because of the issue above, should i leave it as the default of LATIN and get on with it or try SQL_ASCII and see what happens.

http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.0/static/multibyte.html - i have tried reading that, but its still not clear, well not as clear, clearer than it was :D

Dark Atheist

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UTF8 not an option as it kicks out - might have to go with mysql anyway as the ftp prg im using dont seem to like pgsql :( and i cant really see the point of having 2 dbs installed on here.

edit: i wonder if its because the sql from the ftp prog made it SQL_ASCII could explain the probs im having, time to investigate :p

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