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The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
I'm been playing around with a few different distros under VMWare and am looking for more suggestions. I tried Ubuntu, it was ok. I liked the feel of Kubuntu better but had some problems with graphics (not sure if it was VM related). Most recently I had tried Fedora 10 and liked it but then the update bug hit and that has turned me off of it. Any other good suggestions? Maybe distros that you are running? I'd love to see some screenshots too.
only other ones i would suggest are slackware and gentoo
Well i use ubuntu (unstable branch) but it is for more advanced people, if you are novice i would suggest ubuntu/kubuntu probably most of your grafics problems are due to vmware (you have to install vmware tools)
Hi guys.... I have probably installed and wiped about 2 dozen distro's , from Sabayon to buntu variants to Fedora Core. My best experience to date is PClinuxOS. They are in process of perfecting 2009. Download this live-cd iso and burn @ low speed. I would be highly amazed if you're not impressed. :) Cheers

PClinuxOS Test Release Five
pclinuxos is mandrake. Mandrake wont' boot on any of the 6 working computers I have of various age.
Hmmm... Sorry to hear that... But PClinuxOS is only based on Mandrake. I hope you have tried at least PCLOS in the past... :) The new versions coming out are much more advanced then the old ones. If you have done all this please disregard whatever I'm yakin' about. :) Cheers.
I haven't because it is based on Mandrake. This lead me to believe that even if I wanted to try it I wouldn't get very far.
One that has not been suggested is Linux Mint.
Debian based it has all the codecs from the off.
well didnt say about it as its debian based, and we all know that sucks balls, heavily patched sources and people telling you how to use it, **** that.

What it boils down to is what type do you want unix or linux and do you want the linux to be source based or binary based ?
I've only used Ubuntu and Kubuntu, but a friend of mine swears Gentoo is the best.

Not a Linux distribution. But a good suggestion non-the-less. I really enjoy OpenSolaris for my current file server.

I've only used Ubuntu and Kubuntu, but a friend of mine swears Gentoo is the best.

Gentoo is a horrible mess, I can't tell you how many times I have heard my room mates swear at Gentoo because it failed or did something wrong.
or did they do something wrong and are blaming it? ;) Cant say i have had many issues with it, and when i did it was only because i was trying to mix stable branch with testing
Contrary to what you may believe, my room mates have a strong background in Linux and Unix based operating systems. Not only that, but they use it exclusively as their main OS.

Gentoo in one of its latest updates had a conflict between libraries. It suggested the removal of a certain package, at which point it removed several others. This left my room mate with a machine that after a reboot would no longer mount the local file system since the libraries for reading/writing ext3 file systems were gone.

There is also issues with Gentoo on a HP laptop. For some odd reason whenever my room mate reboots her laptop the SD card reader is moved from one device node to another, making it hard to add it to /etc/fstab so she can easily mount it from userspace. This does not happen in Ubuntu or other Linux flavours. Even so, for some odd reason she and her boyfriend are sticking to Gentoo. My other room mate who had the issues with the library dependencies switched to Debian recently.
you are referring to the e2fsprogs package, yes i hit that, as for the card reader why not make a udev rule, as im guessing thats what ubuntu and other distros are doing
Gentoo is the most finicky thing I've ever had to get onto a box, RH family are all ****e. I have to admit though I've never had an issue with Slackware, but then I've never used Slackware either ;)

Ubuntu is passable was a desktop distro, but why bother when you can have OpenSolaris

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