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First of all if this topic is in the wrong section then I apologise because I was not sure which one to actually put this question in so I chose Coding and Design.

My question:

A really good CMS is hard to come by these days, they are either too darn expensive or just too plain and ugly. There is a huge gap in the market at the moment for a really good CMS to slot into and take the lead, this will be Invision Power's IP Dynamic which when released will surprise us all because its a real powerful piece of software which is actually what I'm looking for.

I am looking for something which has potential and upgraded on a regular basis to keep the flow of clientèle at the moment there are some CMS software out there which really annoy me because I know they have potential but lack upgrades and are plain and ugly. So does anybody know of a really good CMS to recommend to use, I have an idea of a CMS myself and although my PHP sucks big time, it would probably cost me in the region of 10K to pay for a PHP programmer to program a CMS to my specifications and needs. I have estimated a budget of 20K for a CMS and website design for a website. Would you agree this is a reasonable budget.

So the moral of the question should I wait for IP Dynamic and customise this to my needs or create my own CMS...?

I actually love the software "Virtuanews" and it kills me to see this software decline and sink into oblivion, when I know it has so much potential and I know for a fact, if the website was redesigned and re-marketed and brought in line with today's inflation figures it would make a nice profit and bring back clientèle instead of turning them away. Maybe I was a little too harsh there but, you have to agree it does have potential.

If you want a good CMS you need to code it yourself with your specific needs in mind. All the "one-size-fits-all" cms's are pretty poor in at least one aspect of things.

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