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Which Broadband to choose?



I was wondering if those of you who have broadband out there could help me out here.

I need broadband for various reasons, and want to get it before the offers which are open at the moment with nearly all the ISPs in the UK close by the 31st of March.

I live in Manchester, and cant get Cable, only a street away from the cable area, so ADSL is the route for me.

I need a package which has no extra emails, no webspace, and it should have dynamic IP, as well as being able to share the connection via a router at home.

I have picked Buldog Communications, as it is cheap, only £24.99, and becuase the company is known for its business broadband services, so I can trust the company, that it wont go bankrupt in the near future.

Also, they are offering their PrimeTime packages, which have speeds of upto 4000 mega bits per second, at under £80, and the next obvious place to move to after London, would be Manchester, so I thinking of going with them.

There website is www.bulldogdsl.com, if anyones wants to check.

What do you think, are there any other good offers out there, and through experience, does anyone know about how Bulldogs service is, in terms of reliability.


I don't know about Bulldog.

I made the jump to BT Openworld in April last year and have had no problems with them or the service. They have been undercut in terms of price since then so I'm considering migration to another provider at the end of my contract period.

Having said that my connection is important to me as I work from home, so switching to save £4-£5 pm would be a false economy if I encountered any problems with a new provider.

The best site I know to get the lowdown on the various ISP's is http://www.adslguide.org.uk/


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well i think that the bulldog service your on about... is 512kbits in office hours and after office hours goes to full speed... its to stop companies using domestic lines for business needs. just telling you:blink:


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from the site:
Sign up now for Primetime!
Get 4 Mbps broadband for only £79.99 per month!
Get 2 Mbps broadband for only £39.99 per month!
Get 1 Mbps broadband for only £29.99 per month
400 Kbps Upstream
4 Mbps downstream
Choice of Static or Dynamic IP Address (Static IP is available for £2.50 per month)
Available only on Bulldog's network in Central London

sounds like a dam good deal :cool:

could do with a phone number 2 cheak avelibility Here
looks good, I would also point out Griffin Internet we have them at home.
Also Zen ADSL is good

I would not recommend BTOpenworld or FreeServe for ADSL access as you will have a much higher volume of users and also the last I heard BT and FreeServe had active measures in place to catch p2p usage. They will then either disconnect you, or reduce your speed capability. I dont know if they have changed this.
we checked bulldog when we were looking for an adsl provider in our new office in oldham.

my boss phoned bulldog and they said they only operate from one (yes only one!!) exchange in london.

we ended up getting a 2mb adsl from pipex which goes active today \o/

Zen ADSL is really good from what I've heard... they're based not far from where I live now :)

I hear good things about Griffin too (like Geffy recommended).

Unfortunately, its extremely unlikely that you'll get bulldog within the next year or so... and if they expand, they're more likely to go to milton keynes or birmingham before manchester due to the greater amount of businesses close together down there.

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well i did the avialability checker and bowmansgreen exchange is enabled. so whats this about only in london... too expensive for me atm im happy with my 512:)


Sorry, not 4000 megab bits, but 4000 kila bits.

Anyway, from what I've read on the bulldog website, the services faster than the 512 standard are only available in Central London for home users, but the 512 is available anywhere BT supports there 512 service.

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lol we know what you meant.

you would be the luckiest sod alive with that connection... plus the richest:cool:

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