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Which 9800 Pro to get?


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I'm going to be upgrading to a Radeon 9800 Pro in the next week or two, and after looking over Newegg, I was wondering what the differences are between the ATI brand 9800 Pro (128MB version) and the 3 or 4 9800 Pro 128MB cards from Saphire and Powercolor?

ATI has just one, but Saphire seems to have 3 that vary in price but from what I can tell don't really vary much any where else.

Is there a difference between them? Other than price, is any one card better to get than another?



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if im not mistaken, sapphire makes the boards that ati uses before branding them - i could be wrong though. i have a sapphire 9800 pro and am impressed with it.
What SYN said. My ATI branded 9500 PRO is a Sapphire out of Taiwan (I checked the labels). They did stick some of the cables in the box in Canada though.

Differences are:
ATI Branded - has 3 year warantee, lots of cables and some software. $249
Sapphire branded - 1 year warantee, many cables and some software. $207
OEM (Sapphire) - who knows warantee, limited cables, limited software. $179

I'm going for the Saphire branded when I do my 9800 PRO upgrade.

The best built video card I ever saw was a Powercolor so my opinion of them is also high. They seem to be more expensive than Sapphire

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