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from a price vs performance standpoint, I'd say go with the 8800GT.. if you want to spend twice the money, go for the 8800GTX

GTX does perform better.. but at almost twice the cost, not worth it in my opinion unless you have an uber large display w/cash to burn.

If you have/want to spend the money in the GTX price range, buy two 8800GT and setup a SLI config.


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I would agree, did a fair amount of research on these of late and the GT is far superior to other choices when looking at cost/benefit ratios.


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I found a 8800 GTX 768MB card on ebay, with buy it now price and shipping and all the fees it would be around 450, which I think I am willing to pay.

I had sli setup with 2 7900GT and well had problems, if that were the cards or not. I am wanting to wait to do SLI again untill I have a new motherboard.

Anyone have detailed opinons on the GTX, anything I should know.


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Don't buy expensive hardware on ebay. Spending that much you deserve to get some type of warranty/return policy - IMO, avoid it. Go with a manufacturer/retailer instead of an individual.

Remember, you get what you pay for!


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the gtx is older... so while its a bit faster, there isnt that big of a difference over the gt (btw, memory isnt that big of a deal really, specially since the gt has 512mb which is quite enough)

oh... this is ur card vs the 8800gt
and this is the 88gt vs gtx comparison

well, includes a lot of them, look for the ones in blue :]


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Thanks epk, I am for sure getting the 8800GT, thanks for the help.

I will let you know when I get it, and plug it in. Should be acouple days.


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I will now have a pretty dang good system

2.4GHz dual core (only thing I really want to upgrade aswell)
3GB of RAM
8800GT 512MB Video Card
500GB Main Drive
160 RAID 0 Storage Drive (if I get raid working)

pretty good if you ask me, but quadcore 3.0ghz sounds good too eh? haha

oh and this is the exact card I got

http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=26781&vpn=BFGE88512GTOCE&manufacture=BFG Technologies

its factory overclocked, I was going to get the OC2 but heard there were problems with it.
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hey.. if u ever gonna throw anything away, lemme give u my address :p¨heheh

ps. the card seems great btw :]


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Late again... For what it's worth the GT is the only reasonable choice for price/performance now. The GT uses a new chip design and smaller geometry transistor size reducing cost, power consumption, heating and COST.

The GT is a single slot cooling solution which has it's pro's and cons. Less room needed in the case but it also exhausts the waste heat into the case, two slot coolers shoot the heat out the back.

The GT puts less demand on your PSU which should increase system stability a little, especially in SLI. There were some driver issues last I checked with running the GT in SLI mode so don't be in a hurry to go SLI, if you need it at all.

The GT can be overclocked which means it is almost at GTX performance at a fraction of the heating and cost.

The GTS is now a joke with the 512 MB GT available at less money.

With the space they saved using the smaller geometry process they have added HD support to the GPU chip which means most GT boards support on board video decoding and HDTV output compatibility.

Enjoy. It's the only GPU I would consider getting these days. The 256MB can be had for $200 and the 512MB for under $300. You can't loose with those deals. ATI is toast!

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Try to make sure you get one of the new revisions of the GT.

Reason: Fan has been changed to a bigger one which cools better and is quieter.

Gigabyte has a nice fan setup on their models.


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I contacted my local futureshop and they had the Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT 512MB OC for $250, they also had the Open Box one and was willing to sell it for $200 plus tax. I took it, now I don't think its the newer one with bigger fan but it was a very good price.

Now I should uninstall nvidia drivers, remove it from Device manager, shut down, take card out, put new one in, install latest drivers....correct, anything else?

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nope that right, apart from the remove from device manager bit, it will do that on its own when you uninstall the drivers and remove the card, on the next boot up it will pick up the new card and ask for drivers :)


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$200 (canadian) for the 512 MB version! Damn, I hate you.

Lets hear how it does. The only grip I've heard is some models were a little noisy due to the compact cooling size but unless you run AERO or are gamng that should not be an issue. And during gaming I never hear my PC fans...


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I did all that, removed drivers, reboot, removed card, inserted new card, booted up into windows, but now its takes 5 mins to load windows, and in windows my mouse, keyboard do not work, I try plugging in none wireless ones, tried older kinds, nothing. This is before I installed the drivers, nothing has worked since I rebooted after removing the drivers.

I don't get it, this has nothing 2 do with mouse and keyboards, why aren't they working.

Any ideas? I'm on another computer if your wondering.

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