Where To Get Windows 7


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So I have been of course following and looking at all the details and images and such for Windows 7 and I am very very interested. I think I will love it more then I am enjoying Vista right now.

I would like to try it. So is there a legit way to get it, or do I need to torrent it?


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Right now the only way to obtain it (legally) is to become a Dev Partner. It's not even available to Certified Partners (not sure about Gold) and it's not available on MSDN/TechNet (and won't be until it hits beta).

We won't discuss your second idea, so please don't ask.


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shoot i would, seems like a fun os to play with..heck maybe it will run better than vista...JK my vista install is great no issues!


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Yea I have been hearing that 7 runs just as good as Vista or better from a few people. And what I have seen from UI and features, I am really going to enjoy it.
I'm playing with Vista 7 v6801 and it's not bad. I like the install more then vista, and a couple of the other features are nice. Looks a lot like vista though anyway.


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u should prolly wait for the beta anyway.. they're still adding features and stuff

im guessing its gonna change a lot =)


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Windows 7 will be a public beta eventually, no need to worry they will let as many people get it as they want.
Yep, after the failure of Vista; they are making this one more accessible to people ... Of course it will have a thirty day activation on it like vista does.

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